Long- & Shortsleeve

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Sport T-shirt Design

Fast minimalistic design (in ex.: one colour T-Shirt / One LOGO T-Shirt / pre-ready design concept, etc.). From 1 up to 14 unique sizes.
€ 80-250/project
1-2 unique design variants. 1 final design. From 1 up to 14 unique sizes.
€ 250-350/project
3 unique design variants. 1 final design. From 1 up to 14 unique sizes.
€ 350-450/project
Any amount of primary variants. Any amount of final designs. Any amount of needed unique sizes.
20 €/hour

* PLEASE, NOTE, that the prices above belong ONLY to the design project, but do NOT include production costs. Production costs depend on a manufacturer you choose. If you would like me to order the T-Shirts from my partnering manufacturer, then an average production price per T-Shirt is about 40-42 € (incl. VAT). Exact production price should be checked right before the beginning of the design project.

There's some vital information below

What the project price depends on?

T-Shirt project price depends on 3 variables:
  • the amount of primary design variants (sketches);
  • the amount of unique sizes needed;
  • the amount of final T-Shirts with unique names.
The amount of design variants.

Before you can choose the final design you need to look at sketches (primary design variants). Most often we make 1-4 detailed primary variants for you to choose the final one. The amount of primary variants impacts the project price. However, you can fully understand the concept and see the final image, because primary designs we make are very detailed.

The amount of unique sizes.

Here we speak not about the amount of people, who need T-Shirts, but about the sizes ONLY. The template for each size has its own different form, so every size must be prapared separately. This project section takes time to complete.
Example: your team has 15 members: 10 males and 5 females. Male members wear ML and XL sizes. Female members wear S and M sizes. We have 5 unique sizes in total.*

*Please NOTE: sport T-Shirts have their own sizes, which may not correspond the size of your daily apparel. We will provide you with the sizes during the project work.

The amount of final T-Shirts with unique names.

Here we speak not about the sizes, but about unique names. It takes time to prepare a template for each person with his own name.
Example: your team has 15 members, all of them have different names. As a result, we need to send to the manufactutrer 15 unique templates.

About T-Shirt design procedure

  1. We discuss your needs in details. Here you may come with all your design ideas or we will develop those together.
  2. After you choose the T-Shirt template (in ex. shortsleeve, longsleeve and neck opening style) and the material (several materials available) I will contact the manufacturer and provide you with the sizes. After that you and your teammates need to measure their chest circumference.*
    *NOTE! Do not measure your other clothes. Measure your bare chest.
  3. I will prepare the primary design variants. We will discuss them and you will choose the leading variant.
  4. I will edit the chosen variant and make the final design.
  5. After we have the final design I will send it to the manufacturer for their approval. If they have any questions or limitations we will correct that.
  6. After manufacturer’s approval I will prepare the unique sizes. By this stage you should provide me with the final list of team members with their names and chest circumference measurements.
  7. After everything is ready and checked I will send the templates to the manufacturer for press. This is the time to check out, as the manufacturer won’t start production until they get the payment. I will provide all the information about the payment by this stage.*
    *NOTE! You will need to make 2 payments. 1st — for the design and 2nd — for the production.
  8. After your T-shirts are ready the manufacturer will ship the parcel directly to your address.

What do I need to know about the sizes?

Sport T-Shirts are usually being made from stretchy materials, so their sizes may not correspond your daily apparel sizes. This is why you will need to measure your chest circumferense. According to that measurement we will be able to find the size, which fits you the best.*
NOTE! Do not measure your other clothes. Measure your bare chest.

Why it takes much time to prepare different size templates if we already have approved the final design?

Primary design is being made using one-size template (for example male M-size). If you need more sizes (like male S, XL, female S, M, etc.), then we must make a new layout for each size. The T-Shirt size templates from my partnering manufacturer have different forms. We cannot just scale the design to change the size. We need to change some forms. This is why it takes time to prepare different sizes.
Moreover, male and female templates have different forms and sometimes they have different amount of parts. It takes approximately 1 hour to prepare each new size.

Personalized T-shirt with a shooter’s name
Team logos, country symbols, special elements possible
High quality durable and stretchy materials
Long- and shortsleeve models
Different neck opening models
Perfect fit: male and female separate models