Hello! I'm Tatjana,
the Universal Soldier at

PRO Visual Solutions

I am here to offer small and medium regional business a wide spectrum of quality graphic design services, to provide every raw idea with meaning and purpose.

What I do?

Corporate identity, Logo design & Branding

LOGO design

Corporate identity — ex.: business cards, corporate letters, invoices, business presentations, commercial proposals, product catalogues, corporate stationery, etc.

Branding — brand colours, brand fonts, brand image style

Banner Ads & Web design elements

Banner Ads for WEB advertising

Promo design for street screens

WEB elements — ex.: favicon, web icons, etc.

Graphic design for press & editorial layouts

Advertising print production design — ex.: sticker, flyer, leaflet, bi-/tri-fold, poster, roll-up, billboard design, etc.

Packaging design

Editorial design — ex.: catalogue, book, broshure, magazine design

Sports apparel design

Short-/Long-sleeve sport/shooting sports jerseys design

My Story

I’m Tatjana – professional graphic designer and the owner of PRO Visual Solutions brand name. Started as a freelance graphic designer in 2016 with a BA degree in Visual Design and Media I have been working with Lithuanian small business and individuals.
Working and learning together with my clients, gathering work experience and confidence I have been professionally growing. Now I can provide my clients with high-performance design solutions.

Why me?

Commitment to quality

I work for you as if I worked for myself.

I complete a deep case-study before we start the project. It is mostly important for me that my clients have working and effective solutions and products. This is why I always remind my clients — it’s not about your taste, it’s all about your business needs. These two are different things. I always provide my client with:

  • detailed pre-work case study;
  • effective business-oriented solutions;
  • exhaustive solution commentary;
  • professional work presentation;

I explain.

Unlike many others, I’m well aware that you are not an expert in work with graphics and it may be difficult for you to understand nuances. I explain every solution, every color choice, every composition detail. That helps my clients to understand why one solution is effective and the other is not.


Jumping between your printing house or programmer and graphic designer, forwarding letters and explaining things you don’t understand? No way! You should not bother yourself controlling every part of the project. Just give me a contact of other people/companies working on your project (programmers, printing houses, etc.). I will contact them myself and solve all the questions concerning the project.

Stick-to-budget solutions

Price vs. Quality.

I always ask my client about the possible budget and I stick to that budget. If it’s not possible to fit your primary need into your budget (printing expenses, for example) we can always find an alternative. I offer you a clear pricing policy based on hourly rate. I inform you about the time I need for each part of the project.


I’m honest with you.

Your satisfaction with the result is my priority. Yes, I look for solutions which are effective for your business, but I am still looking forward for your ideas. Sometimes projects take longer time than expected, but this is only due to the fact that I can’t give you bad quality products. I work on a project until the time when we both — you and me — are satisfied with its quality.

I am longing to create effective intelligible high-performance and requirement meeting visual solutions.


But I’m always open for charting new waters!